Friday, May 6, 2011

Part time working??

Basically I'm helping my friends to sell contact lens
Lots of different types of contact lens 
are available.
And most of them were ready stock from the supplier.
So I just help my friend sell it so I can get commission 
or its some sort of agent thing.
So I can earn more money from there :)
I don't know whether this is a part time job or what.
Almost everyday late sleep 
because uploading picture and tell
everyone in fb that I'm selling this kind of thing.
I'm so noob at counting profit actually.
hahaha. I can't help of questioning how to get the profit
when I sell it with low price and discount.
but when my mom and dad told me the solution
WOW!! I can earn more than I expected.
but I still have this question in my mine.Nevermind.

Come visit and view my photo since its not private.
When sending me a friend request I won't
accept anyone if you are the buyer or not the buyers.
Just personal message me and I will tell you the procedure 
through there.
Sorry for the inconvenient 
for not adding potential buyers 
Because my fb is quite private.

God Bless 

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