Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Manga stories were so romantic
why can't boys be like that??
is that hard??
maybe this is reality.

Love at second sight.
ever heard of it??
i create by myself because i think its true.
the first sight is usually bad impression.
but in 2nd sight you start to know someone more.
that makes me like someone in second sight.

recently I'm thinking about a guy in Bibian's 
dancing crew.
it really makes me piss off when i think of him.
it make my heart beat so fast 
that it start to aches.

i really like the feeling of in love
but it is so pain that i don't even want to think of it
it makes me cry before although we never been together
but crying for the one you like sucks and pain.
it feels like gonna explode.

i promise myself to control myself 
and not to fall for anyone.
but my heart doesn't follow me.
so i just hope things will be alright and 
I won't think too much bout it.

God Bless.

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