Friday, November 26, 2010


Ahh yess.
it was the day when the Party was finally over.
I get to rest properly after the party.
eventually I wake up around 8.30am.
Thats way to early.
because I sleep late at night.
So during the day, I was hoping 
Bibian would call me to have breakfast.
I didn't get any call.
So I just let it be
since I know they also having their sweet dream.
And my dad drove to Tuaran just to have a breakfast
of Tuaran Mee. hahaha
and we bought 2 coconut pudding
it was my favorite.
I eventually ATE the whole thing for myself and left the 
others for my dad and mom. haha
Then the maid came in the afternoon
to clean the house.
My mom suppose to cook at night but lazy
Then I received a call from Bibian 
and she ask me out to dinner
I'm thrill to go out with because
someone was tagging along with the dinner.
So we went to Sushi King for dinner
since they never ate it before.
so we tried it out.
For them it maybe something not eatable
but for me its quite delicious. ahaha
so there was a few picture after we finish our dinner

in every picture I look fat. :(

I like Dylan's posture quite funny and
Kids were like that don't they??
Being kids were so good that i can ignore the fact of being stress.

God Bless :D

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