Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yes and No

I don know why it is so hard to say no.
especially when I wanna ask someone to do us something
is that so hard to say no??
if u don't wan't to help just say no
no one wants to force u to do such thing
actually doing something nice or help the other is nice
then at least we can say thank you 
or repay with something nice like a drink

but no
 human is selfish same as me
but i'm not selfish then them
make their ugly face at the back even show it in front of us
if don't wan't just say no
is that so hard
although you've say yes
then at least you should ask or comfirm anything first
before you try to leave us alone waiting like a shit
if you've say no then we've just have to redo the schedule only 
is that so hard to say NO!
it's so hard to understand them
even mature people can be influence by immature people
and try to 
with other people without thinking people's bad side
do u think your so good even though your smart??
then prove it fucker.


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