Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is what Tania tell me
i don't like the part what "i'll help u back someday if u need anything" ~ hey, we are friends right? friends help each other de ma =D all I need is a thank you and a smile on your face, thats enough already~

Yes i finally break down into tears 
and i feel over stress due to exam, homework, family and especially classmate.
i don't know why i cry after i lawan mulut with my bro
then i suddenly break into tears. 
this time not trauma kay!!
 but when i saw the message that Tania reply me
suddenly i felt relieve.
okay!! this is call friends
not like those arrogant thinking immature person
i just don know what to say
i just felt really relieve and i stop crying for once.

thank God at least someone know my existence and we're trying to be great friends 

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