Thursday, July 29, 2010



I cracked my back, actually strained my back.
n i barely walk. shit!!

Early in the morning go and see traditional doctor.
so didn't go to school.
and my locker partner can't take their books. ahaha

Finally, i can go to school but berengkek - engkek
can't walk straight, but the weird thing is i became more taller. LOL

Lots of work coming towards me. shit!!
but the year book thing finally finish. haha (sort off)
and exam is around the corner. Gahhhhhhhh!!

Friday?? coming soon! :P

and yess i'm going to KL on my birthday.
and i was hoping Bibian n Sharon can follow me LOL!
i don't think their parents let lah.
and also my cousin from New Zealand will come to KK
woohoo. can't wait to see my Wong Lee Hom N KangTa. =.='

God Bless All Of Us!!

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