Saturday, July 3, 2010

Opportunity Cost

Yess..Today's topic is opportunity cost.
let me tell ya'll what happen

actually today we had a a steamboat dinner
at Putera, Kampung Nelayan there
so i thought i would go there and have fun with Bibian
but i received a call in the afternoon n she said she won't go
so i also decide not to go
then in the evening i sms Zach. at least i told him i wont go
but he say me sucks and Chris is disappointed D:
it makes me unhappy

and i doubt about going there.
i want to go, but in the same time i don't feel like going too
so i please my dad see whether he can fetch me go there or not
and my mom was like no No NO!!
so no loh. but when my dad again u want to go or not!?
I SAY YESS!! when i want to change my cloth
i tell my parents that i have no motivation to go ody
haih! so i didn go
i lost the opprtunity to enjoy my dinner with my classmate.

In the end,
we went to KK and buy pork(Beecheng siang)i think
then we go to Tong hing and buy lotsa things
we buy herbs, wasabi, sparkling juice, chocolate and more
and the total cost is rm52++
then we went and eat MCDonald! :D
total cost is rm30
so wit means that i have another opportunity
to enjoy supper with my parents and buy lotsa usefull stuff. :D

this is call life
lost the opportunity doesn't mean that u won't get anything
but we get more things that we had not expected.

God Bless.

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