Friday, July 23, 2010


its my mom's birthday
its also Ms.Barbara birthday
and yess its also the day where Bibian go to KL

we went to celebrate since birthday girl won't cook at all. LOL!
okay actually my mom wanna try at Borneo Backpackers
when we arrive there n sit down at the restaurant
not even 5minutes we wen't off already
because nothing to order there.
thought that we could try it. too bad

so we decided to go Fish & Co at Warisan square.
so we sit at the sofa there.
in front n behind our seat is korean people
my parents laugh at me because i know what are they talking about. LOL!
weird aye! but we really have fun and the food is quite good.
but my bro still hungry.
so after dinner we had supper at secret recipe.
WOW! we ate pasta and spegetti, new york cheese cake
 n apple cheese cake.
:( i'm too fat already.
Birthday gets everything
so i can't wait for my birthday. Korean fooooooooood!!! :P

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