Thursday, December 20, 2012

Too much

I'm back again! Its been awhile! Not really! I've been busy at work playing games and twitter. HAHA
Basically busier than last 2 months. Since its the year end everyone is busy especially in account department. Account department is always the busies when its year end.

Rushing for payments, close account for the year end and lots more crappy stuff. Recently my supervisor tell me some of the tips of increasing salary. I was like meh!?!?!? I'm not interested at all.

Seriously even tho I'm a cheapskate and stingy but I don't ask for more when I'm not capable of. As in like forcing yourself to work even harder which is also not related to account so I can get extra money. I know money don't fall from the sky unless we work hard on it.

I NEVER LIKE ACCOUNT! Even tho I'm not working full set account I still find it annoying. How can my mom survive all these year of doing account!?!? I mean like everyday have to kejar payment, go bank, go talk with boss, blah blah blah blah. Same routine! No fun!

Maybe I'm still young. I need some excitement even working ya'll know! Having fun even though working in the same time, that kind of work!? Now I'm so regret taking commerce course! I'm interested in media right now. OMG! When I was in form 5 I know nothing. As in nothing I know about media as in it doesn't exist. LOL I only know Photography is my passion LOL.

Now I felt too late to start over again. Its like going back to Form3 when I already finish my SPM. WTF! Well life goes on! Oh if anyone wanna hire me as the behind the scene crew call me maybe!? hahaha I'm interested in those kind of work.

I don't like exposure! I like behind the scene! Something like event management work, or video-grapher crew all those that involve event, media and crew all those stuff. hahaha Media is such a great influence yet instead being upon the media I wanted to be behind. Hiding at the back but gives a lot of attention in work.

You'll never understand how I feel. LOL. Account is too mainstream yet a lot of job opportunities lol.
Who knows I might be one of the behind scene crew! HAHA Hire me maybe!? Call me maybe!?

Cheers and God Bless!

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