Friday, November 4, 2011

Year End Class Party 2011

Class party was awesome
Bunch of student waiting in front of the school gate 
waiting for all the students to arrived
After all the arrivals we straight away went to Jonathan's house
We're celebrating our class party at Jonathan's house
Since he's the one who volunteered to.
So we arrived to his house around 6.30pm
His house is HUGE!!!!
I mean big land,
 but quite creepy when you walk the hall way alone
hahaha seriously
They started the fire unsuccessfully since its raining
In the end it turn out good.
We were having really fun that night
we joke around, taking picture all the time,
some of them are watching movie in the room,
playing at the pool table,
some were bbq-ing the food for us
Such an awesome day
Last but not least we celebrated Ms. Eve farewell party as well 
Gonna miss her so much <3
Let the picture do the talking :D

I think we are the awesomeness group ever :D
God Bless 

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