Saturday, November 12, 2011

Making a choice

Recently I've been searching for Uni? College?
Looking for courses they offer
 Curtin has the best offer especially for business student
Most of the business student would like to go there
for diploma or degree or master.
And their course are very specified.
But the living expenses are more expensive.
So my mom ask me to go KL and stay at my Uncle house.

I also search for another College and Uni as well
Which is the picture below :)

Erm so basically I choose these two above because
near my uncle's house at KL!?
and my cousin is going there as well after her spm!?
Which is next next year?? hahaha
So I looked into their website and search for courses that I want
Sunway and Taylor are more on Science course which they offered
and I looked into their business section
they offered onto more wide choice not so specified
Most important is that they need IELTS!!!(super dead)
Maybe I should get IELTS after my Diploma.
Btw I'm going degree after my diploma in IS
Weee! I'm super excited and anxious too :)
So I'll see where my cousin go then I go to that college too
haha more convenient actually 
I can even save more money instead of going overseas. :)

Searching for college or Uni too??
Come and visit their website for more info:
Choose wisely peeps 
Enjoy :)
God bless

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