Monday, November 7, 2011

My life during this November!

From 29.10.2011 ~ 6.11.2011
Last Saturday ~ went to Sandakan
Last Sunday ~ back from Sandakan and went to my class party at night
Monday ~ stayed at home all day but went to. Jogging in the afternoon with Carrie
Tuesday ~ went to 1b with my mom but my mom working and I walk alone at 1b.
Wednesday ~ went to KK with Bibian and Sharon
Thursday ~ went to 1B AGAIN! But with Diana & Carrie and we watched Movie In Time 
Friday ~ went to Damai, RAM Studio with Bibian and Ewayne to remix songs
Saturday ~ I went to my cousin's hse to do my year book thing
Sunday ~ went to Suria Cousin and met up with Wong for a girls day out :)

So much of walking, eating and shopping (included sweating -.-)
Most awesome week ever!
None stop going out with friends
Having so much fun even though I'm so tired

I'm having a Blessed week :)

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