Friday, November 4, 2011

Hang out with F.O.S (1 meal)

Wake up early and went to Inanam 
Had Milo and pisang goreng for breakfast
then went to the bus stop with Bibian
and headed to KK Karamunsing :)
We went there too early and not even 10 shop open that time
So we walk around the mall and we sat down 
for a Mcd breakfast
I didn't eat any tho looking at Bibian
 eating her favorite Egg muffin burger
when all the shop opened we went to the IT level
 and search for external hard disk and laptop
It was fun walking in the same level for 3 times I think
hahaha there's lots of hot guys but some were too skinny!
They should eat more LOL!

After that we took bus to the station and another bus to wisma
Eventually we miss the turn to go down 
and ended up dropping at Center Point bus stop
So we called Sharon and talked about it
and we meet up at Yoyo Center Point
We walk and talk and took some picture

It was fun although its only a few hours we spend together :)
We treasure our moment together very much :D
Love you girls <3<3<3
Btw I look fat in all of this picture :(

God Bless

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