Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Villains Night (26.3.2011)

Hello Peeps 
I'm back to blog now.
On Friday there is this blood donation thing going on 
at our school. 
I didn't donate any blood.
I'm scared so I just watch them donate hahaha :P
but its fun to talk to the guys. :)

Saturday was our Purple House Party.
It calls Villains Night!
So basically I try arrived late a bit
but not even 20people arrived.
So I waited Bibian to arrive and
we enjoy our meal straight away since its already around 7.30pm
and slowly everyone started to arrived.

Menus for the night was
1. 1 whole lamb
2. Sate 
3. Lemon Fish
4. Beef Stew
5. Vegetable 
6. Fried Chicken
7. Fruits.

Drink for the night was
1. Beverage 
2. Carlsberg
3.Red wine
4. Whisky
5. Black Label

So almost all of them enjoy the food and especially the drink
Red faces, talk loudly, feel high, tipsy 
all of them has the symptom of drunk
Not all of them
especially girls were not an alcoholic so they were drunk
especially Ann, Grace and Rachel and Matthew.

Before they get drunk we took lotsa memorable picture
We were so high talking, drinking and playing.
I only drank 1 glass of red wine and no beer for me
because I know I'll get drunk if I drink beer
I won't get drunk for only 1 red wine but if more then I'll definately drunk.

Enjoy the picture below ♥♥♥

Love them :) ♥♥♥

God Bless

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