Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 2011

Time flies.
its March already.
I've been busy and lazy these day to update blog
but i'm back now. :)
a lot of things happen on Feb as well as now
Recently I've join this cheer leading and volleyball 
I've only practice for like two times only for the volleyball
but i think i can manage it out on tomorrows competition.
I have good background at this sport :)

Now its about the cheer leading.
actually I join in for like last minute.
But they barely start any dances at all.
we've been dancing for like 1 week only.
 and now we still left 1 week to improve ourselves
the dance is All Saints style.
Because got sexy moves and stunt. 
I love my part where I can do my specialty 
Split :)
now i'm learning new things :)
Arch :)
Its awesome. :)
Its so good to do such thing.
I'm able to flexible my body.
and I miss dancing line dance with my mom :(
My mom don't let me go since i'm not always available.
After all my sport and exam I'll definitely start dancing again
wanna try Latin at Baila Fitness :D

anyways. hope the sport is successful :)

God Bless :)

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