Tuesday, April 19, 2011


What a hectic life for me this month.
stress of assignment, test, quiz and my finals.
so left STAT exam for my finals this Thursday
and this semester is gonna end soon :(
My friend loss 1Kg because of stress.
I'm stress too but why I've gain weight??
I always sit down reading my notes when I finished my
 breakfast, lunch and dinner
thats why I'm fat :(
Will loss weight during this holidays.... :)

After final sure enjoy my life :)
Gonna hang out with my classmate.
And Wong is going to graduate soon. :(
I miss the time when we 1st arrived at IS
Full with student, unfamiliar faces, different background of school
We would find each other during recess
Talk about new students, gossiping, talk bout movies.
I miss that time.
Now she is going to graduate and I'm going to miss her. :(
Time flies way too fast. 
Really too fast.
Gambateh in life Wong Shuk Kuen!!!

I'm gonna be a teacher tomorrow.
Gonna have sore trot tomorrow.
Gonna faint tomorrow because of hot weather.
The weather now days is driving me crazy.
Stay at home also felt like in the oven. 
Global warming!!!!!!!

Save the Earth
God Bless

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