Friday, March 18, 2011

March gonna end soon

Its been awhile since I've time to update my blog.
Lots of things happen during March
Our sport meet was held at STTSS Hall
so we're ready for our cheer stuff, dancing, formation on how we go,
 pom poms and so on.
below were some picture before, during and after the cheer 


Purple Villains were so amazing.
Although there some conflict happen in the match but they overcome it
and settle down quickly.
Overall we got second place.
Its better than last place.
We did our good job and we did our best to win :)
Besides we gain lots of experience and hardship
It was worth it. 
Hope next year we'll be this energetic again :)

And now were facing our final exam soon
lots of test and assignment are coming for more
Hope we can do our best in this semester.
All the best classmates!
God Bless :)

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