Monday, December 27, 2010

School Reopen SOON!!

Few more days 
till school reopen.
And I hate school
I need to enjoy more first before I start to suffer
Study is not my thing 
what is my thing then??

Ah yes!!
My future job
A Photographer.
After two more years.
I will rather start to get a job 
or study to become a photographer.

I'm so desperate to become a photographer.
I even beg( not really) my dad to buy me a SLR.
I requested that I won't spend any $$$ for celebration nor party
for my 19th & 20th birthday.
in order to save money to buy a SLR on my 20th birthday
I may use up all my savings or angpau for a SLR!! HAHA!!
Hope my wish will come true. ahaha :P

God Bless.

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