Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last Year of 2010

31 Dec 2010
Since Malaysia football team has won in the football league
So it was the public holiday for the whole Malaysia.
Not all company follow the holiday given by the government.
"Orang mau ambil gaji cuti pula"
hahahaha this is what I think because its new year.
So eventually we stay at home doing nothing. 
Internet was so boring that I don't even wanna touch it. 
Television was boring and no movie nor event that happen.
So all I do was playing game and hear some music for the whole day.
I'm very excited on the night
it was our Dance New Year Eve Count Down BBQ Night.
Actually it was just a small BBQ party for fun.
Its a night where I am able to see him and sit next to him very close.
we listen, talk(Mostly talk to my mom due to shyness) 
together with Aunties of course hahahaha
And he offer me a fireworks,
when I was so excited to play.
 I was so happy and it makes my heart flew away.
I love to play fireworks.
But got a kid tease me saying that I'm scared of the fireworks
of course I'm scared when they threw TO ME!!! 
It was really a memorable day for me.
and we enjoy our night
hahahahahahhahahahaha :PPP

God Bless.

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