Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Now baru start to blog 
due to pack schedule in this semester.
and i'm still lagging here and there
 and currently i'm addicted to this anime.
it was fucking nice watch this at

Love in the Mask

This story was fucking nice and i recommended to you'll
Its actually a Korean anime which was already sub. :DD

Back to the point.
Due to this addiction I was unable to focus
much on my things 
and almost everything is last minute stuff.
1. Didn't manage to finish my presentation slide in 1week
2. My English presentation is on next TUESDAY!!!
3. This Saturday I'm going to start interview for my break semester, two months. 
4. Next Friday is my big day where i get to perform with my dancing group. :DDDD
5. On my performance day I need to pass up my management assignment!!!
6. I got management test after my performance
7. My final exam is the next week after my management test.

to much things to do in this month
due to time limit
and the management has a lot of chapter
 that still didn't finish teaching by the lecturer.

Ohya and the PMR already started this week.
 my best friend's sisters is facing the exam 
as well as my precious cousin, Eileen.

God Bless!

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