Monday, October 18, 2010


That day was our Antarabangsa Line Dance Annual Dinner.
which include 8th (KK) + 2nd (KB) Anniversary
as you can see the picture.
it looks like a kid party. but it was awesome.
Group photo was taken before we start our party. :)

ss in front of the main entrance there.
but i like this picture so much 
but its weird to put this as my profile picture at facebook.

Picture below was after our performance 

There were Jamming sessions.
 where everyone can go dance and enjoy themselves
there were about 400ppl in this party.
This group below is from John Wong's dance group :)
They always perform traditional dance. 

the picture below was taken during the highlight show.
where the Disney land thing came out of no where.
hahaha. Disney land was in Sabah!!!
The 7 dwarft were confusing because all of them look the same.
and the snow white was talllllllll!!!!

Below were the picture of some line dancer teacher.
which include from KL, and KK as well. :D

Yes i invited Bibian to this party too.
and we were like crazy people trying to take picture with Mickey and others.
and I'm like running here and there so i can eat, enjoy and accompany Bibian.
but its all worth it and it was really an AWESOME NIGHT!!
 The End!

God Bless.

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