Thursday, October 14, 2010

Booooo to the infinity


 Recently I keep on hearing songs that i like.
I feel like wanna puke out already.
gonna get boring soon with the songs.

and yesterday was fucking nervous due to BENG presentation
but our group was the most tension group
where none of our classmate laugh on our presentation.
everyone's face look serious
but everything went well.
not that much scolding just giving some advice to us
of course Koh Li ping has the highest marks.
me!? ok lah i think got 20/30 marks
and finally i can sleep well.

Now i can't wait for my party to start.
because i get to perform with AUNTIES!! =.=
the step are so fucking easy where using 30min can finish up all the dance move.
I'm also happy because i get to dance with him(not partner, just in the group). hohoho
but i get to see him during practice anyway. :P
i just can't wait for the party to start.
this party is going to be publish in the newspaper.
since its so grand but casual!?!?!?
after the performance my exam starts like SOON!!!
urghhh headache

God Bless.

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