Saturday, February 25, 2012

Talentine 2012

Last year in IS so we decided to participate Talentine
Talentine is an event where students are able to 
show their talent to everyone else. 
As well as increase their teamwork between their group.
So we were called 6 Queens
Previously there were 7 Queens 1 chicken out.
So ended up 6 people in the group.
Having lots of fun during, after practices.
And we become friends together.
Make a great memories together before we end our Diploma.

During the Talentine day. 
I didn't perform well.
I did a lot of mistake and off beat too.
So I don't even like the video my friend post and I keep hating that day.
But still okay lah.
Picture below shows that I looked happy but I'm not.
Enjoy though. hahaha :P

After the Talentine I feel so shamed on performing that day
And suddenly I lost my passion on dancing.
I don't have the OHM to dance anymore after Talentine,
Till I drop out myself from the Cheer practice.
Seriously, my passion of dancing suddenly disappear.
I don't want to dance anymore.
I only have the passion to join the games instead of cheer.

For those who love to dance just continue what you are doing now
Just don't stop because I have lost the passion of dancing.
Gambateh everyone!!
God Bless

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