Saturday, February 11, 2012

CNY 2012

Its a Year that Chinese people celebrate their New Year
That's why it is called Chinese New Year.
Every year family members
gather together and celebrate it together
and welcoming the New Year.
Day before CNY which is nian 29!?
We went to Cherry Cafe Lounge for dinner with family.:)
Best CNY ever because my friends visited me
and my cute little Coulson become the starring for the whole 
CNY celebration.

1 thing that we cannot not have
which is pretty flowerssss
Bought this flowers 3 or 2 days before CNY.
Love isn't it!? <3
Flowers always light up the house.

Not to forget empty red angpau's,
pamelo, nian gao, and some oranges for deco.

Instead of all traditional food was cooked on the CNY day 1
My mom make it a different way.
Spaghetti, ABC soup, Germany style pork leg. Yumyum

2nd day of CNY.
Our breakfast was a FEAST!
Sweet and sour fish, meat soup, yantai(the middle 1),
Popia stuffed with cheese,pineapple &ham 
and another type is with stuffed with oyster and cheese
Roasted Duck, kou rou(the 1 with layers),
Last dish was a stew stuffed with mushroom, sea cucumber, chicken leg
with some pork meat & AUSIE ABALONE!!
Each of us have 1. Awesome breakfast Feast.

Grandma with Coulson <3
He looked the other way -.-
Always mommommom foooooddddddddd!!!
He's the starring for the whole CNY
Quite annoying though.  :P

CNY day 3 we went back to Sandakan
to celebrate.
1 thing that I don't like is BORING!
Like seriously boring when it comes to going out to have fun.
So we eat eat eat eat and stayed at home only.
We did visit 1 of our relative. :)
Flowers at our Sandakan home garden.

Yellow orange rose. :) <3

We have our tang yuan the 6th day of CNY.
we don't want to have heavy meal
So we made tang yuan.
Oh ya beside the Tang Yuan is the left over lamb.
weird combination of food but taste good together. 

After we made tang yuan we continue to work and make
Pan mian to prepare for dinner.

TADAAA!! Homemade Pan Mian! 

My Auntie is like the goddess of Cook
The food they cooked is the best of the best in the world.
Even from the appetizer to the end of the course the food is the best.
Went back to KK on Sunday.
Best CNY ever. :D
God Bless

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