Saturday, February 18, 2012

China and HK trip

Amazing trip with mom, cousins and Auntie.
Its winter time when we go there.
Freezing like freezer. hahaha
Actually quite awesome lah.
But the food at restaurant wasn't that good compare to street food.
People at there were super rude!
Especially the tour guide at Hong Kong and also market at China!
Overall 3.5/5

This house tengelam! haha
Its some sort of science laboratory.
Just showing the weird architecture. 

I think its the biggest bonzai ever!

Pretty flower but not all were open.

The door looks like room right!?
Its actually the toilet door.
They called this toilet 5star hotel.
This place were located somewhere near and inside the museum.

Looks like a broom actually its the root of the tree.
Awesome, they color it red on the bottom,
as well as trim it properly like a hair style. hahaaha

Group photo at Macau! 

The church door is seriously big and awesome.

Decoration at the lobby hotel.
Did you notice the wall at the back!?
They hang or stick the panda bear at the whole wall.
Amazing!! hahaha

Celebrities hand print.
No one cares they just step through it.
Seriously, nothing special about it.

Super cute and huge pig.

Enjoy and have fun those who travel.
Especially at China you must bargain 
when they sell stuff that doesn't put price in the beginning.
If you don't bargain then you'll loss a lot.
Try to bargain as much as you can.
Ohya 1 more thing, they are rude people kay!
Its their culture so don't punch them when they are rude to you.
God Bless

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  1. what a nice trip..
    i go HK is last 2 year on december and celebrate christmas at Queensway Plaza. And other trip is Ocean Park. Staying 2 night 1 day at HK.
    I going to write my blog on china-HK trip, I hope you can have time read it. (my 1st time blogging)