Friday, July 8, 2011

Fucked off Friday!!

I love this song above just enjoy while reading my blog
Its been a while since I've blog.
So today (Friday), 
I've went to Bibian's house so I can get ready for tonight's practice.
We've already start our dance since this week.
So then this guy called KENNY TAN BOON KIAT!
Wanted to join 
now he says that he does not confirm whether he wanted to join or not. WTF!!!!
since he agreed in the first place he should keep his promise
Do you know why he breach our contract??
this is because when we discuss about the group name he say he want to used his own special name.
besides he wanted to change the dance moves, steps and even songs that we've already 100% confirm.
and the competition its less than 7 days from now.
How are we suppose to finish our step??
So the majority say no.
but then he bribe us by telling us that other group also wanted him to join the dance and if we don't want to use his idea then he don't want to join our dance group. 
if he thinks that he is so good then why don't he just say no to us in the beginning and just join other group. 
so we ended up giving the authorities to him and let him be the leader.
This time if we did not get any title its all his fault. 
He such a FUCKER!!!!!

The end
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