Saturday, July 23, 2011

All Saints Bazaar

I totally forget to talk about the bazaar at All Saints for like 
2 weeks or 3 weeks ago??
Its been awhile since I've blog.
Basically there's nothing to say about the bazaar.
Its just like aother charity day that is full of student and parents
walking all the way just to spend their money.
The food at bazaar was extremely expensive for like WOW!
Charity right!? Actually we're donating money to the school 
to built up another facilities for the student.
Went there to visit my old friends who is taking form 6 
They don't change.
They still look like kids. haha
Most of them who are not studying form 6 change a lot.
Their look become more mature.
This is life. hah!!

Me and Jamalia!

Did I change a lot!? :P

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