Monday, April 25, 2011

Diploma Class Activity (23.4.2011)

So basically 
our class was having a small activity.
That is Steamboat at Kampung Nelayan.
So enjoy the picture below :)

Booking table

Our lecturer
Ms. Jossy

This is way too much for me
But for Shaowe 'sap sap sui'

Ours :)

They are best buddy :P

Pink Man.

Peace :)

I didn't eat as much as before.
I'm also walking around taking picture above. :)
some were taken by Li Ping also.
Camera provided by Rachel. :)
My skill still sucks anyway
So we finished our meal around 9pm
then we went to Shaowe's house to gamble
I just stay there for a while and I did not gamble at all
So we have fun. :)

God Bless

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