Monday, January 17, 2011

2 weeks of school

1st week of school
Lots of unfamiliar faces.
Recruiting new student every year.
Didn't start any lesson on the 1st day of school
but manage to know who are the lecturer that was teaching us
and we also rearrange the position for the group leader.
luckily i didn't have any post this year.
because its to burden for me now 
since i have to repeat 2 subject.
and the subject is getting harder and harder.
so i need to work harder to prevent fail.
Beside we already have our sport meeting.
I'm following the volleyball team :)
and this year i'm going 19 years old. 
alamak i'm getting old.
and i'm a senior too. NOO!!!

2nd week of school
lecturer start to distribute assignment for us.
luckily its a group assignment but there is a possible for 
individual assignment as well.
and this Wednesday we're having a small quiz
for IMA. 
I don't even understand what was the lecturer talking about.
Dislike subject:
1. IMA
Likable subject:
2. IT
3. MKT

I don't know what is the lecturer talking about 
although they did the explanation.
its hard to understand and the way they teach were confusing.

CNY is around the corner.
can't wait for it to arrive. :D
and i hope to learn photography from Jeffery Wong!!!!!!
He is an awesome photographer and an editor.
His picture rather an art work than normal feature :)

won't be updating blog this frequent anymore. 
Gonna work hard for my studies :)

God Bless!

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