Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pitt Pitt Pitt

I already miss my mom now.
miss my mom's nagging voice.
What would happen 1 day if I lost her.
I'm scare.
My mom went to Taiwan for 10 days. 
But we still manage to contact each other
through email, and she bought me a lot of dress and shirt

my brother start to drive alone outside and meet up with friends.
when he drive alone for the 1st time.
i was like acting like a mom. 
worrying his safety.
when did i became a mom!???
is it that i have the future to become a mom or what!?
hahahaha. idiot me.

Besides that, school has been started a week ago.
and straight away got assignment in hand
and need to finish it up in 1 month.
and i hate AIS!!!! because this subject is hard. 

Oh ya
 on the 7th Sept i went to re-sit my IT
in 5 days i read up to 6 chapter. 
ain't i'm champion. haha LOL
i think the re-sit exam is more difficult than final exam
Oh well, just hope that i really pass all of it.

skyping with Maxine was fun. :P

God Bless

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