Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Cousin

17th September 2010
it was my aunt birthday. 
in the same time she was already pregnant for
9 month!? i think. approximately .
on her birthday she didn't celebrate for her birthday.
u know why??
she went to hospital. 
Because the baby is going to come out soon.
but unfortunately it didn't come out yet
so she has to sleep over night at the hospital till the baby is born.

18th September 2010
the next day. I was like fucking happy
Because the baby was born around 1pm or 2pm.
wow time flies.
it was just two weeks after my holiday at KL
and now the baby is born.
We still don't know the name yet since 
it hasn't decide by my uncle.
and the baby is weighting 2.84kg.
my mom say it is quite heavy but not to heavy lah. :D
i am really happy to have a baby cousin.

and my uncle send a picture of it 
it really look like my uncle since it is a BOY!!
my auntie hope for a girl though.
But we are very happy for them since
my grandpa was like so happy to see his cucu boy
you know lah orang tua!!
mengidam kan anak cucu lelaki :P
I am really glad that they are healthy and save.
God Bless

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