Tuesday, August 24, 2010


1st day at KL (17th.8.2010)
arrive at KL bout 5pm
wait for my uncle and ready to go home
then we settle down and get ready for dinner
actually we were very tired and don't know what dinner we should eat.
but my uncle bring me to eat korean foodddddddd at Taipan!!
the food is really delicious n fabulous.
their taste is a bit different from KK's
so we went home bout 10pm after dinner.
and i get a surprise cake from my uncle
haha. i was a bit shocked but i am very happy when i get that surprise
and i get to eat fruit cake from King's Confectionery
everything was nice and i'm touched :D
so glad i have them as a part of my family.

Holiday is fucking fun.
because KL's Saless never let me down.
bought a lot of things at Mid Valley.
but still didn reach rm300.
hahaha. so yeah.
and 1 Utama has sales too.
that time we were very early at there shoping
because hoping for more parking space.
but when we wanna go home i saw Edrea n Natasha Sim
at 1 Utama also. they didn saw me though.
when we are going home there was a small
autograph session for Wong Lee Hom
so i miss out the chance to see him.
too bad aye!?
but its okay. at least i really have a great time with my
uncle, aubtie and grandma.

and gonna visit the city at KL soon when my Yee Yee
came from Australia.
gonna go for shoping at Sunway n Sungai Wang soon
and my back pain is going to start soon. ahahah
shoping to the full blast. yay!!!
and i'm gonna update my blog wheni'm back to KK soon.
so you'll know what i bought at KL
n How much is the total cost for my shoping :P

God Bless.

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