Thursday, August 5, 2010

Again and Again

yes again we have a lots of work to do
and this Saturday we have environmental day
i'll become the usher and bring the students to their 
specific room.
and next week is our final exam 
its going to start soon n i didn even start revision
today i went to dancing class
i love the feeling when the music 
plays and enjoy the dance and enjoying their dancing

Dedicated to Maxine Ng!

U've call me n i didn manage to pick up
sorry girl. u must be having a hard time right??
don't worry. 
everything will be fine
u will not lose or loss anything
mayb we are buzy with our own life but friendship never fades
I Love U kay!!
don worry to much although it really hurts u so much
be strong. i know u can. coz ur are
so hopefully we can meet up with each other
at sunway then that day u can cry it out loud in front of me
i'll be there :D

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