Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday + Holiday

My parents bring us go eat korean food at lintas.
the food is quite nice.
it is fermented in a good taste.
rm100 got change.
haha. but my f***ing brother don't like it so he bought back some food.

Today were suppose to go to All Saints today
then eat pisang hijau for tea time.
too bad Maxine has something to do.
so we cancel out. D:
its ok lah at least she can visit them before she go KL.
but i can't accompany her anymore.

Holiday is fun because i'm going to KL
on my birthday (17th August 2010). wohooo!!
 don't know when i'm at KL 
going to have fun or not.
oh well. see how first.
i think its going to be fun.
pregnant woman, babies, aunties, uncles, grandma 

anyways God Bless.

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