Monday, July 18, 2016

Is age the problem?

Its been awhile for me to update on this blog. Probably because I'm trying to express deeper here. It gets a bit personal for me. So I want to blog about. Now that I have settled in Perth I left everything behind and look for something new and adventure. But it seems that I am still reminiscing my time back home with people I'm dear with. 

As far I have been here trying to adapt Aussie culture and life, I learnt something new. Human are so realistic. It doesn't matter how old or young when they could change their life into better and greater they will strive for it. I knew that Aussie especially Perth has great amount of Asian immigrant and students. The life in Aussie is so great that people are trying to get into here. No matter how absolute the fact is.  

I am currently staying at Geraldton WA. It is small town just like KK but less building and people, approximately 40,000 people. Its really a relaxing and calm town to begin with. As soon as I arrived I felt different compared back home. Back home are full with busy traffic, tall building, shopping mall and people. Its getting tons of people in KK right now that I hate it so much. Crime rate even increased as well. Not a friendly and happy city like it used to be. 

There are much more elder in Geraldton here. Because most youngster went to bigger city life Perth or Sydney or Melbourne. There's always much more people in the big city. As far as I'm concerned that most elder are married with Asian. The older guys are looking for Asian wife because they will take good care of them. Not only that Asian here do spread words to others when Aussie elders are looking for long term partners. Currently the highest Asian population in Geraldton is Vietnamese and China. 

So they don't really care for the age gap between them. I mean if it is acceptable for them it means that it is alright. Of course there are small certain people who just couldn't accept it. Its just that this world turns differently than it use to. LGBT, age gap difference, difference nationality is such common in our life's right now.

But I couldn't find myself falling for them. I mean I'm still in unrequited love position for 3 years but I STILL LOVE HIM. Even when we didn't chat or anything as long as we meet up I am the happiest and most loved. Not to mention I was with flirting with younger guy. We had lots of sweet talk but I'm so afraid that he would really took it seriously. So I draw a straight line and never contact him ever since. I mean I shouldn't do that to him, it is because he could find someone younger and beautiful and smarter person than me.

Maybe I should just find some Aussie guy here and married off. I need to forget my unrequited love and just really find anyone who is good to me. I'd always find it hard to forget the person I love so much. Cause they always hold special meaning and feelings. Anyway I'm gonna celebrate my birthday in Aussie so its fine! hahaha

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

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