Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I'm so sorry for not updating this blog! I've been abandoned this blog for almost half a year. So sorry for those who always follow my update on blog. I've changed my blog or should I say I created another new blog which is more lively and regularly updated since last two month.

 Here's my new blog :D

Basically I was inspired or not inspired to blog again!?( I don't even know what am I talking about hahaha) You can actually view my current blog here Small intro where a small intro why I made my mind to blog again. About the Social Media East Malaysia is totally a failure for me.

I am very enthusiastic and determined to join their activities but I haven't join at all. We're sponsored to advertise but it's all about food!. The main problem for me to join their activity is because I don't have transport to go to the event. (Super lame excuses but it's true)

Basically I'm still keeping this blog. I hesitated whether to keep or not to keep this blog.  This blog has been a private space for me. I've never let people discover my blog unless my best friend or friend and anonymous reader. This blog have been part of my memories and journey that I've been through.

My new blog are mostly about advertising. I've been joining Churpchurp for years now where we need to advertise to earn money. This type of advertising is a little bit different than Nuffnang. Nuffnang is harder to earn money than Churpchurp. I CAN'T EARN MONEY BECAUSE I'M NOT FAMOUS!! (true story hahaha) No one read my blog since it's too private for this blog.

That's why I've decided to make a new blog ( I put the link again just in case you've missed out LOL) where I will share in Twitter and Facebook. Especially when I blog an advert. So, that blog has become a public blog for me, this blog will still remain private tho. But I hope my reader will update my blog at the new one so you guys are not outdated ;)

I think I will still update with this blog but not so often then. hahaha I might be back again when I feel grouchy or happy or whatever it is. hahaha I personally really like this blog. It has accompanied me for a while now. Nonetheless this is still my favorite blog. :)

I like to expressed in blog instead of faking it in real life that's why this blog was called Silences Feeling. This blog has a lot of variety feelings from anger to happy to sadness time ( lots of Ups and down story). See I've been expressing more here than the new blog. Too much of publicity and bad influence will never be good.

Anyway I'll stop the crap now Sooooo much of expressing my feeling here. If you guys happen to have update yourself with new NuffnangX Apps or already downloaded the apps please follow me arhh!! Follow me at NuffnangX here's my blog ( LOLLLL or just type out 'Voomei' in the search tab.

That's the easier way to update my blog frequently in smart phone. Don't say you don't have smart phone arh!? ( I still don't have smart phone lah coz I can't afford buying and follow the plan :P ). You can also follow this blog too. Who know I might update again ;)

Thanks for always reading at my blog even tho I'm not famous :D Bye!!
God Bless all of you <3 br="br">

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