Thursday, August 25, 2011

The day after my final finished.

Hi bloggers. Its been ages since I've log into blog.
after the finals we went to 1b for a celebration 
since is going to be long holiday and we finished our
2nd sem this year.
we went for movie which was zookeeper.
The movie was awesome and funny too.
watch it don't miss it. haha

After that we went for lunch
at Wojamama.
This time no Loi fang tian
It became Grace. LOL!! -.-

I barely finished up my food. I'm too full even if I didn't
ate that much.
Small stomach!? haha
Then went to sasa and bought some stuff before we went home. 
We had a great time.
too bad no Bibian.

God Bless. :)

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