Friday, August 26, 2011

At KL from day 1 to back home

After my final the next day 
I'm going KL with my grandma for like 6days only
So on the 1st day we arrived KL around
6pm then straight away went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner
Actually I don't want to eat that much
but since my uncle insist
we went there for buffet sushi.
It cost rm50++ per person
so expensive man. We even have to wait till 8pm for our turn
to dine in since that time was buka puasa time.
So we didn't ate that much 
We don't have big appetite just like last time.
Around 9pm we went home already since we cannot fill in 
some more food into our tummy
The food was so so and okay.

Day 2
My uncle went to outstation at Filipine.
So left grandma, auntie, baby Coulson and me at home
So we went to 1U for shopping.
Basically I'm the only one who shop.
Compare 1U to Sunway, I prefer Sunway.
Sunway is bigger, more shop, can play and near my uncle's hse too.
But my grandma insist so we went to 1U. 
1U quite small and much on branded stuff
So I only bought 2 clothes THATS ALL
their stuff was really pretty but way too expensive for ppl like us.
Then went home in the evening since Coulson is sick.
and we order pizza too since my auntie ALSO sick
diarrhea bah and vomit too.

Day 3
Get ready to go met up with other aunties 
at airport and we're going Genting babeh!!
Arrived Genting around 9pm and check in all that stuff.
Then we went to the Casino.
My grandma and other auntie were so energetic after arriving to Genting 
-.-. hahaha
owh btw, the police who was checking for underage people
who enter the casino was freaking-ly idiot
I'm only 18 years old and they permit me to go into the casino.
Pity me. I look old aye. :( haha
Thats how we end our day

Day 4
Wake up early and went for breakfast 
and continue gambling at the casino -.-
In the evening my grandma started to feel sick
and rest all night till tomorrow.
I accompany my grandma and watch tv only.
So pity.

Day 5(17.8.2011)
as usual breakfast and continue to gamble.
I finally decided to walk alone there
bought some clothes again and some stuff
for my friends.
Actually Genting's shop sold the same thing in KL.
the price is the same too. 
and some were cheaper
So I shop for a while and went back to casino and find my grandma.
And my auntie surprise us by going to Genting and met up with us
So we went back KL during the evening.
My grandma is sick because of the wavy road.
Dinner we went for Korean food since its so rare in KK
KL's korean food is better than KK
more choices, more side dishes, and I think more cheaper. :)
Also bought back some food for grandma since she stayed at home
taking care of the baby. :)

Day 6
Woke up early and get ready to fly back to KK
Its finally my turn to sick
Diarrhea only no vomit.
Kena jangkit by the baby bah.
New disease?? haha
arrived KK around 3pm and unpack all my stuff.
That how I end my 6days holiday!?
Boring much??

I'm only having fun when I play with my baby cousin.
Over all still quite fun tho. :)

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