Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Real Me

I talk softly but doesn't mean I'm really soft. Its just a waste of saliva & breathe to talk.
The real me : I talk as loud as possible when I'm comfortable with my surrounding people.

I don't respond to people's joke not because I don't care. Its just that I really don't get jokes at all.
The real me: I just hate jokes that doesn't makes me understand.

I really like to stare blank. It doesn't mean that I'm thinking.
The real me: I just completely immerse myself somewhere off to the outer space or another dimension of the world until someone poke my bubble dream.

I always wear comfy clothes whenever I can but it doesn't mean I'm sloppy.
The real me: I dress up for different occasion in a proper way and even comfy clothes it has to be the best and new.

I look like a leader or good in everything that everyone depends on me
The real me: I'm only good on things I'm good at so it doesn't mean I'm perfect in EVERY ASPECT.

I'm a healthy person
The real me: I'm healthy in a sense that I'm still young.

I eat properly
The real me:  I eat properly because I eat healthy food and just indulge everything I've want.

I sleep properly.
The real me: sleeping too much is making my back pain

I exercise
The real me: I do enjoy jogging a lot but become lazy ass when no one accompany me

I have smartphone! Everyone does!
The real me: Less than 20 apps in my phone. Throw my phone in the edges without touching it for the whole night or days when there's no msg or call at all.

I have a lot of sociable best friends
The real me: Envy them for being able to make even more friends. Cause I always sticks to them without getting new friends.

I have a passion for photography
The real me: Struggling and self confidence super low. I just need to practice even more. But I'm getting great result lately! Yay for hardwork!

I love to travel! I need to travel even more!
The real me: I better earn some money before I could even went out and buy food for myself

I just have complicated life & way of thinking.
The real me: It was just my heart & brain fighting together to won over or to concur over me.

The real me just don't give a fuck at all because in the end I'd give a fuck over it. Geddit!?!?

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